Coupon Activation 

When you purchase Office Pro from our web site your software will automatically activate after you are finished with your purchase.  But when purchasing from a retail store or a reseller you may be given a coupon instead of a serial.

A coupon is not a serial number.  It should not be inserted into the Office Pro Trial field for activation. Doing so will create an "error" message.  Read the below instructions for proper use of the coupon.

A coupon is designed to:
1) Allow you to register your product for customer service support
2) Discount the price so you do not have to pay for your product again while you register

Coupon/ Serial Examples:

Coupon example:  CPN0863451366-1RKQPGRK                 (Coupons always begins with CPN).
Serial example:     PC201-K07B-NRKN-XK5Y-45KT-36P1     (Serials either begin with PC for Windows or MC for Mac).

Coupon Activation instructions:

A coupon is not a serial number.  It should not be inserted into the Office Pro Trial field for activation. Doing so will cause an "error" message.

1) Sign onto the Internet.  You will need to have an Internet connection for activation.  
2) If you have not already done so, install the Trial version on your computer.
  You may do this by either using the install CD or by clicking on the Free Trial link found at our web site and choosing the appropriate        version for your computer. The trial will convert into a full version at the end of activation.
   A) Download, unzip (if needed) and load the program.  
   B) Open Office Pro, if it has not already opened automatically.

5) When the program opens you will see a Trial box which includes a text window that says BUY, ACTIVATE and OK under it.  
    Do NOT enter your coupon in the trial text field.
6) Click BUY.  You will be taken to an internet purchase checkout page. 
7) Find the “coupon
text box” in the upper right section of the page and enter your coupon into the field, then press ENTER to update the       price.
  Note: If you would like the backup CD just keep the optional eCD included in the checkout page; it has been added automatically. 
   If you do not want the eCD then click remove (little trash can).
 The $9.95 fee is for Worldwide shipping and handling charges.

8) Continue with the checkout and fill in your registration information.
9) Upon completion of your checkout the program will automatically activate.  If it does not activate see "Troubleshooting" below.
10) Type something in Write and try Saving or Printing to make sure you are activated.  If you are able to Save or Print you have finished       registering and Activating your product.
11) An email of your new serial will be emailed to you.


First, make sure you have the latest updates for your OS (operating system)  ie. Windows XP/ Vista, Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, etc.

If you have followed all the above instructions and completed your registration and checkout successfully but your product did not activate (will not Save/Print) then you may need to download an activation update at:

After you download and install the activation update:
1) Open Office Pro. 
2) When you see the Trial box find the serial number (begins with PC or MC), that was emailed to you after you finished registering your product.  Enter your new serial in the Trial box and click ACTIVATE to activate the product.  Try to Save/Print to test activation.

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Backup CD ordering instructions
(Use only if you need a backup CD but do not intend to activate at this time).

Attention: DO NOT use your coupon when ordering the CD only!  It will make your coupon invalid when you try to activate your product.  These instructions are only for ordering the backup CD.  You will use the above Coupon Activation instructions after you receive the CD.

1)  Go to and click on any BUY NOW link.
2) You will be taken to the Products page.  Click BUY on the product that says "eCD (Backup of all Products) — $0.00"
3) You will be taken to a checkout page.
   (CAUTION: DO NOT enter your coupon on this page!  This page is for ordering the CD only and will ruin your coupon.  If you use it for      the CD you will not be able to use it to get the actual product serial number).  After you install Office Pro on your computer you will            follow the
above Coupon Activation instructions to activate your poduct.

4) Fill in the information and checkout.

   Be sure your subtotal stays at $9.95  If you subtract the $9.95 price from the form you will not be shipped the CD. 
   The $9.95 price is for worldwide shipping and handling fees.

   The CD should arrive in 1 to 8 weeks.  In most cases people receive it within 10 days.

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